Friday, March 27, 2009

{ Cupcakes }

Cupcakes are CUTE. That's why we make them, right?

I made some cupcakes this week for a family event and I was quite pleased with how they turned out, so I thought why don't you blog about it???

The trick to perfect cupcakes is getting them proportioned right. Too much batter and they have weird muffin-tops that break and are hard to frost. Too little and they don't "fill out" the cup. No one wants an incomplete cupcake.

Getting the paper cup filled 2/3 is just about right:And then you have dozens of perfect cupcakes. {The ones at the end aren't as filled out... I ran out of batter...}

Icing is important as well. I prefer making mine from scratch. I love SeriousCakes recipe!
Beat the heck out of it. That's how you get a smooth buttercream. I mean really, turn it on high and BEAT THE HECK OUT OF THAT ICING!
It will get bruised and turn blue...

Just kidding. I needed blue cupcakes {because IT'S A BOY!}

Like little soldiers, my cupcakes were all uniformed and ready to go!
Martha Stewart {check Michael's} stickers and toothpicks made perfect & simple decor. They say, "Welcome, Little One". Cute, huh?
Husband thinks he is soooo funny...
I piped {imperfect} swirls on them with tip #12. Sigh... don't you just love cute cupcakes?


  1. Don't you read my facebook status updates????? I was dreaming of THESE (almost) EXACT CUPPY CAKES! Only difference was my dreamcakes had those tiny round rainbow sprinkles. Good job! I can haz?

  2. Ooh thats weird... it's like I read your mind and baked what you were thinking...

    Jimmies or sprinkles? They're both round, but jimmies are cylindrical. Those would be super cute with jimmies...

  3. Can you post the recipe for the frosting? I couldn't find it on that link! I don't really like Wilton's recipe....

  4. Here's the direct link to the recipe video:

    You can click the "More Info" link on the side where the video description is and you'll get the recipe in writing there.

    Tell me what you think if you make it!

  5. Looks like a good recipe! I watched some of the other videos too. Now I need to go to a cake decorating class and get my butt in gear so I can make roses!!!

  6. The tiny little spheres did decorate my dreamcakes. Not the tubulars

  7. I want cupcakes and the ability to make them as perfect as those. I know this is going to be ridiculous-but-I love my hand mixer and I'm afraid that if I get a new, upright one, I'll never use the hand one again. Silly, but true.

  8. I use my hand mixer all the time still! The Kitchen-Aid is great for big jobs but its so darn heavy that I still use my hand mixer more.