Tuesday, March 17, 2009

{ 2nd Course 1 Cake }

For the second course 1 cake, Husband suggested I use a strawberry cake mix. At first I cringed but I have since realized this was an excellent idea - I hate strawberry cake so I won't eat it!

Here it is after icing it with Mother Tip (#789) but before smoothing.

And after smoothing:

And finally, after class. We were taught lots of techniques this week! We learned how to section off a cake, pipe figures (like teddy bears, babys, and {shudders} clowns), and also to pipe shapes (like hearts). I put my website on there to help deter CakeWrecks and other people from making fun of my mis-matched cake. It was fun to make!Piped baby booties. SO CUTE!

An up-close of my hearts. I really think I will use this technique quite often...

And we learned how to pipe figures - like these smiley clowns.

Next we're doing a cake with roses. I'm pretty excited about that...


  1. Those booties are super cute!

  2. I know, they're so easy too! I was tickled when she taught us those...