Monday, March 16, 2009

{ Eisley's Baptism Cake }

This cake was my first "beginner" cake, but it was before I started taking classes. The skills I used to make this cake were mostly learned from videos by SeriousCakes's YouTube channel.

Okay, so I did a three layer (I know -eek! - three layers for a beginner?) chocolate cake. Since I started taking classes I've learned the best technique for getting cakes out of the pan, but I didn't know that then...

So once layer got a pretty bad tear coming out. But I patched it up the best I could and eventually everything worked out.

The paper towel technique helped me get this baby as smooth as Eisley's bottom!

The piping was self taught. I have the horrible habit of making "snails" instead of shells on my shell borders. My teacher is always catching me reverting back to my old ways...

This isn't a great picture, but you get the idea. There are crumbs because I didn't have enough icing or time to do a crumb coat and I also didn't have the MotherTip (that's what I like to call tip #789).
Tall cake! Very, very beginner. But still good.

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