Tuesday, March 24, 2009

{ Course 1 - Final Cake }

The last class in Course 1 had us learning icing roses. Note my Course 1 completion certificate in the background:

My little cakes, ready to be baked...

Here's my little beauty after smoothing. This was my best icing job to date.
We were mostly focused on doing the icing roses this class, we practiced those for the first hour. I'm so glad we have such a good teacher, I know not all Wilton students are so lucky. Some teachers tend to just hold "come play with icing" classes. Our teacher gets really hands on and critiques our techniques until she knows we're doing it perfectly. I really appreciate that!

I am especially proud of my nearly-flawless shell border on the bottom:

My rose, ready for it's close up.
And, ahem, allow me to point out how smooth the cake surface is... ;-)

Course 2 starts the first week of April! We'll learn the basket weave, royal icing, and more flowers...


  1. Thine cakes are beauteous indeed! Good job making shells instead of turtles. . .I mean snails?