Monday, May 18, 2009

First Fondant Cake

This is my first ever fondant cake. It was a *lot* of fun to make but...I don't really get fondant. As cool as it is on a cake {although I've always preferred the look of a nice fluffy frosting myself} it tastes like it has paint thinner in it...
You have to saw through the fondant to cut it...
Most people just peel it off instead of eating it with the cake {isn't that just a waste?)...
Because most people don't like to have to chew their frosting that thoroughly.
But, like I said it was a lot of fun, and really good to learn.



  1. Your cake looks so precious. I think after your description I am over fondant. Very pretty but defeats the purpose of cakes for me. I always thought I'd love fondant, but I guess not. Keep being amazing.

  2. But it looks so SMOOTH. . . .

  3. Satin Ice fondant is really tasty, soft and can be rolled much thinner. Also, I always put a THICK layer of BC under the fondant as well. Your local cake supply store should carry Satin Ice, or you can order it on line. Great cake BTW! :-)

  4. Fondant tastes REALLY bad. I really dislike it when people get fondant wedding cakes!!

  5. Hi there how are you?

    I was reading your posts and found your blog interesting. I want you to come and visit mine here in Broken Arrow.

    I hope we can become blog friends and Maybe follow each other?

    I hope to hear from you soon,


  6. I don't know you but I was searching blogs and came across yours. I haven't looked at your whole blog to know if you know about this, but have you heard about marshmallow fondant? It's easy and cheap to make and SO yummy!! I haven't worked with real fondant but I hear it's the same and it has the same look. There are recipes all over the internet if you search for it. Good luck and your cakes are BEAUTIFUL!!

  7. One day I shall write a book called 'Bring back the Buttercream!' I'm with you, I can't see putting all that effort into decorating when it will just get peeled and thrown away! If I'm spending the time the make it, man oh man it better be eaten! ;D
    Love and keep cakin',

  8. Hi, did you ever try choco pan fondant? it's really surprising how good tastes. its made of white chocolate. the only thing I think it's a really harder to work than regular fondant, just because is softer.

    your cakes are so pretty by the way.

  9. Your first fondant cake is stunning! Decorating cakes with the use of fondant sure is fun!

  10. Wow. Your fondant cake is so beautiful and artistic. I hope I can make this one too.:)